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You wouldn't dare pet this Tiger!!!!

As a fan, you could be mad at the general manager of your team for years for passing on this talent! Isaiah Simmons is 6-4 with track star speed. He barely lost a race to teammate, star running back Travis Etienne who some say is the fastest player in college football. After the recorded loss Simmons say they ran the race back and he beat Etienne head to head. Either or the point is a man this big is not supposed to be this fast!

As an outside linebacker he has the potential to be an all pro for the next 10 years, he consistently shows up in every play! As a safety he has the range and speed combined with the power of a middle linebacker to man that position at an all-pro level as well. He won't quit on plays. Great locker room guy as well. Coach Dabo Swinney is quoted as saying he's always smiling an has never seen him mad! Offensive coordinators might not get mad, but i will bet they are frustrated as they try and scheme their team away from the gigantic wingspan of this man child. Hint do not try and block him with a running back! Gm's are gonna have to pay to play with this guy.

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