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Sorry Karen, Now you are not a fan

How ridiculous is this judgement!! A man showing appreciation to his offensive line, in the customary way of gifting them rolexes, is critiqued harshly by Karen, last name unknown, a writer for the Baltimore Sun! "He should have told his lineman that he was giving them Rolexes and instead pledged all the money to charity"
Karen, that same day Lamar Jackson spent Christmas at the mall with a big group of inner city kids playing Santa for those who would have otherwise gone without, on this special holiday, his decision to let his offensive linemen see the fruits of thier hard work through his appreciative gift should have no bearing on whether you choose to be a fan of his football play!!
You wouldnt have been a fan long if that's all it took for you to fall of the bandwagon. Who needs enemies with fans like that! Let Lamar Jackson be great. Now your free to take you fandom elsewhere to a team or person Lamar and that vaunted O-line will be defeating for the next three years at least!!
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