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NFL GM's will rest easier with this Blanket corner on thier squad!

  • He will be CB 1

  • He can cover anywhere on the field inside or outside

At 6-1 with a decent wingspan Okuda is just rangy enough to hinder most go route throws when he pins his man to the sideline. He has elite athleticism and incredible technique.

Wide receivers, I caution you do not give away your route to early with this man, you will not beat him to the ball. Jeff is Quicker than you!

Texas born corner back who will lay the lumber in run game support. Offensive coordinators wont have to remind their quarterbacks to many times to stay away from this guy. He has the uncanny ability to play trail technique and then finish the route faster than the wideout.

I look for him to be a high pass break up guy even in his first year. The interceptions will come after he gets accustomed to the speed of the game the next level.

KISS(keep it simple stupid) Qb's just dont throw over there.

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IronMike Smith