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Eat Crow...Well Raven, Mr.Polian

Bill Polian was not the only person to doubt Lamar Jackson's abilities as an NFL quarterback.

He makes KINGME Sports news because he compounded his misjudgment and left Lamar off his all pro ballot. Shame shame shame to let your saltiness over being wrong about another mans capabilities cloud your thinking. Bill Polian's name holding so much weight in the scouting community makes this a story. Bill put together winning Indy teams drafting the great Peyton Manning and was tantamount in the construction of the Four Falls Buffalo Bills teams. A player that is trying to get a foothold into the door of the league could see his chances diminish quickly with that kind of review.

The move to receiver being the first stage of the wash right out of the league for many before him! On draft day as he sat in the green room he didn't let the words of those naysayers wear him down, when he heard his name called, he took the stage and declared to the great Deion Sanders, "Im a Raven, They gonna get a super bowl outta me" here we sit with two games away in only his second year to see if he is a prophet as well as a Raven.

if Lamar's accolades so far amount to the plate of crow you must eat...let me serve you. 23 years old, Heisman Trophy, associated press college football player of the year, All ACC team, Maxwell Award, Walter camp player of the year, Sporting News College player of the year, Nfl Record Rushing yards qb in a season, five time Nfl player of the week, passing touchdown leader, with 36, Number 1 Qbr, NFL MVP...and if there is room on the plate later we will see if he gets that coveted Superbowl.

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