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Cross ya like A.I, hits Homers like Barry Bonds

Simply put, Jerry Jeudy is different. You can't guard him, you can't contain him, the only thing you can hope for is that he goes to an NFL team with a terrible qb and a bad O-line. He can catch it for 2 yards and house it. What makes him truly special, he is a technician with his route running. There isn't anyone in this draft class that can match it. He creates false steps for your Db's and then puts them in a doom state by exploding in the other direction! If you like first downs, this is your guy, if you like explosive touchdowns that seem to come from nowhere, this is your guy! Gm's if your qb is screaming for help, pick this man. He defies the need for a big catch radius because he will be open, he has the crossover moves to burn your slot corner, he has the explosiveness to get behind your number 1. Jeudy tracks the ball and throws his hands up late so that even if the corner recovers he won't have an attempt at dislodging the ball until its cradled. I believe he will be a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft! He is the best in a deep class of wideouts! Nfl cornerbacks better eat and sleep to perform this off-season. A storm is coming!

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