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A violent defender...offenders never get the third strike

Problem: pro teams do you have a lineman, who just whips around the edge making it easy on offensive lineman to wash them out of the play, someone who consistently forgets the run assignment, or who is just to light in the ass to hold up against the pass or run?

Answer: A.J. Epenesa. At 6-6 280 pounds he is a former basketball player who already comes with a bull rush built to knock pro offensive lineman on their backside, On the low end he reminds me of former Steeler stalwart Brett Keisel. On the high side you could see hall of fame work in the mold of Julius Peppers, who also happened to star at basketball first! If you dont have a Top 10 pick you will have to work your draft capital to get a shot at this guy. He has a instinct for the game and a nose for the football, season ticket holders prepare for your announcer to be tongue tied as he tries to pronounce Epenesa's last name every single time he makes a big play! Sacks, forced fumbles, tackles for loss, your only problem will be everyone in the stadium voice being gone from yelling at the top of their lungs. Cheers to your NFL future young man!!!

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