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A flawed System, can produce the right outcome!

Simply put, i am not a believer in the setup for the college football playoff system. My support for the games I watch mainly comes from the fact that I myself couldn't come up with a better system. These kids come into college not fully developed mentally and physically. Their are teams that lose early in the season and then gel and become unstoppable units, but they are already disqualified especially if they don't reside in the Big X or SEC conference.

Watching this playoff though I am supremely confident in the two teams that made it through to the championship game. A tiger vs tiger showdown, Clemson and LSU are riddled with NFL talent. They have the two best quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence vs Heisman winner Joe Burrow, a great backfield Travis Etienne and Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Hopefully Helaire is fully healed by the time of the showdown. The defenses are two of the top units in the country as well!!! Id give more names of the stars in this showdown, but you may mistake the rundown as the 1st round of the NFL draft.

In a System where we are constantly debating who was left out, all eyes will be tuned in Jan 13th at 8 pm eastern watching two breeds of tigers clash. The clear cut Two best teams, with the two best coaches Dabo/v/Orgeron. Fire on Fire

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