A different feel.

The first round is in the books!!! I think so far the biggest losers in the draft are the Miami Dolphins. With so much ammunition left, and the draft being so deep it's to early to count them out.

The Ravens, Buccaneers and Las Vegas Raiders were winners, with the Buccaneers getting elite blindside protection for the great Tom Brady. Patrick Queen to the Ravens was probably the steal of the draft.

My squad the Buffalo Bills have shown that patience is a virtue. So much talent still to be had, look for a lot of draft shuffling on day two!!

Some notables left , A.j Epenesa, Lavishka Shenault, Tee Higgins, Jonathan Taylor, Deandre Swift! Even the Jets drafted amazingly. The 2020 season will be amazing to watch!!! Caaaaaan't wait.

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